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Workshops, group improvisations, and guided experiences.

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Sharing knowledge on intimacy, sensuality and sexuality verbally at sexTALKS is interesting. Exploring further in practice at Intimate Encounters might be challenging. Still, these are events that focus on introductions rather than thorough embodied research because it takes time and commitment to master anything.

Intimate Sessions attempts to fill the learning gap between the other events. A ‘session’ could be a series of advanced workshops with learning a specific skill as a goal, a single workshop on a particular theme, a guided experience, or a guided group improvisation without prefixed aim.

Intimate Sessions is part of IAMSEXUALITY and therefore not for profit. In contrast to the other events we do not ask the teachers, instructors, and hosts to participate for a negligible compensation; we invite them to name the price that seems fair in the context of our platform. This means the tickets might be more or less expensive than usual.