IAMSEXUALITY is a sex-positive platform initiated by Tenclub.
For us, this means we seek to place sexuality outside the lens of taboo and into a holistic state of empowerment.

Find out which exploration meets your curiosity below.


SexTALKS is a lecture/ discussion evening covering sex related topics. Aiming for a wider understanding and an open sharing of our sexual mind.

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Intimate Encounters

Intimate Encounters is a ‘sex-positive’ evening for curious minds who don’t have much experience with these kind of events. The goal is researching intimacy and sensuality with yourself and others.

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Intimate Integration

This is an integration evening and sharing circle following up on Intimate Encounters and open only for participants of that event.

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These are workshops on a wide range of intimate, sensual and sexual themes. From Kashmiri tantra and cuddling to latex and BDSM.

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