sexTALKS – Talking Sex

sexTALKS - Talking Sex

The first edition of sexTALKS inquired ‘talking sex’. As this is what sexTALKS is about.

This edition features

“Craving Committee” by Iris Lam.
Iris is a alumni of the KABK, graduated with distinction for her award winning movie on sexual needs. Currently she’s working on sex education for teenagers.
For more info visit: www.irislam.nl

“Radical Honesty ‘n Sex” by Pete Jordan.
Pete is the only certified Radical Honesty (RH) trainer in the Benelux countries. Together with his wife, he organizes and leads RH workshops around Europe. Sex, sexuality, and intimacy is a frequently discussed topic in their sessions. Leading such workshops as well as practicing RH in his relationships has made him an expert by experience.
For more info visit: www.radicalhonesty.com

“Dirty Talk ‘n Consent” by Klazien Schaap.
Klazien Schaap is the driving force behind Lovehacks, a romantic coaching site for men. Backed by a degree in psychology and years of ethical sluttyness, she knows how to talk dirty and how to manage consent.
For more info visit: www.lovehacks.nl