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How does Corona influence your love life? Are you in need of touch?
As we are entering the third month of Corona, the need for intimacy is felt more and more. Especially when you are single. Things might get complicated. Needy. Find answers and discuss together at our online event SexTALKS – Lockdown Love.
A new, monthly expression of the Iamsexuality platform.
Buying a ticket will help the Iamsexuality platform survive Corona times and fuel group touchiness in the post-lockdown era.
The first online edition of SexTALKS – Lockdown Love – will take place Wednesday the 27th of May and will cover the subject of intimacy in Corona Times.

This edition features:

Touch, a basic human need – On the role of touch in our lives by psychologist and sexologist Nynke Nijman
Lockdown Love – About what to do when you are home alone by Wilrieke Sophia
Hyperspace alternatives – Tips and tricks on circumventing conventional touch by Tess Test

About the speakers:

Nynke Nijman is a psychologist and sexologist who has her own You Tube channel and podcast about sex, love and relationships. She is the founder of www.ilvy.com, a sex and intimicy platform and writer of the book ‘De Relatie APK’.
Wilrieke Sophia is an international coach, facilitator, and practitioner in the field of sexuality based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She openly combines being a mother of three daughters with working in the field of sexuality. The main pillar of her work is the same across the broad spectrum of things she brings: empowerment through self-knowledge embodied experiencing of boundaries and desires, and extensive practice of consent. She hosts sex-positive events and play parties, workshops and retreats focussing on sexuality, kink, tantra, and ritual, and hosts intimacy festivals’ through her brand Exploring Deeper. She’s a writer and public (TEDx) speaker.
Tess and her partner Jay are professional sex toy testers. They have tested more than 500 sex toys and worked in multiple sex shops for about ten years. Discovering that not all toys are as good as they promise to be and sometimes even dangerous, they decided to make the world of sextoys a better place. Visit their website to learn more.


20:00 Zoom open
20:05 Start program
20:15 Talk I: Touch, a basic human need
20:30 Discussion/questions
20:40 Break
20:45 Talk II: Lockdown Love
21:00 Discussion/questions
21:10 Break
21:15 Talk III: Hyperspace alternatives
21:30 Discussion/questions
22:00 End