sexTALKS – Me My Sex and I

sexTALKS - Me My Sex and I

In Western culture, it is deeply rooted notion that genitals are often associated with shame. We hide them in public and when it comes to body practices and massages, the genitals are the excluded body parts. But how does this influence the relationship we have with our own genitals and the way we see and appreciate them?

During this evening we talked about practices that can influence our experience and perspectives towards our genitals in a positive way, to enhance the love for our body and our pleasure.

This edition features

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) – The fusion between mindfulness and sexuality by Marga Berlinski: “Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a unique wellness practice that combines mindfulness with the power of intimacy and sexuality. During the practice, one person strokes another person’s clitoris for 15 minutes with no goal other than to feel the sensation. That’s it. It’s a new category of experience, practice in an intimate setting, that most of us have never experienced before. It is a whole new approach to wellness.”
For more info visit: www.turnonnl.com

Grabbing life by the Balls – Tao and tantric practices to keep your brain, body, and male sex vital by Rein Langeveld. Rein started studying Mantak Chia in his teenage years. His interest for the subject faded when working in Southern America as a model and raising a family of three. Recently he took up the topic again and now dedicates his life to teaching and discussing sexuality as a primal source of reason and as a tool to gain a stronger awareness of the sexual power within ourselves.
For more info visit: www.partofthepiece.com

Tring, tring, genital 911, from a Numbed-out Nameless Black Hole to Nuclear Gender-Neutral Orgasms – Sexual conditioning and the way to pussy-liberation by Melanie Bonajo. What are your genitals called today? Are we living in a society that teaches us to self-castrate ? What was your sexual-education like as a child? Which sexual stereotypes are awaiting our current (genital) and social order? Many of us stop feeling our bodies. We have forgotten that we have genitals and how to use them (sensory-motor amnesia) In fact, we are conditioned to avoid states of true communication, intimacy, and states of sexual bliss. Why? Melanie Bonajo – artist and sex therapist in the making – discussed her training as a somatic sex therapist and educator, named ‘Sexological Bodywork’; The art of touch as radical activism and the impact of sexual conditioning. She led the path of interviewed her own genitals to enlightenment and welcomed the audience to join her with questions.