sexTALKS – Alternative Relationships

sexTALKS - Alternative Relationships

The second edition of sexTALKS inquired ‘alternative relationships’. That is, relationships that are non-monogamous and different from the romantic ideal modern society creates for us.

This edition features

“A relationship with the Self – Celibacy and cultivating universal love through harnessing our primal energy” by PadaPandurangaDasi (Ra).
Ra is a spiritual aspirant on the Path of Bhakti Marga, the path of Love and Devotion. Part of her journey is an experiment to be fully celibate in word, deed, and thought for one year.

“Polyamory, a practical guide” by Ozkar Oz Bechtold.
This talk was a brief introduction to Polyamory, explaining the basics of loving multiple people and giving tips on how to approach a non-monogamous lifestyle that includes mutual responsibility. He is very active in the polyamorous community in Graz, Austria and has given inspirational talks, Interviews, and podcasts on this very versatile topic around Europe.

“Master ~ Slave dynamics” by Victor Ormazabal.
Mr Vikthor is a Tantra/BDSM professional and theatre maker. Beside the relationship with his ‘vanilla’ husband,he has a slave and two subs. He knows what being a Master means and will tell you all about it! For more info about Mrvikthor visit: www.viktorioustantra.com for tantra, and www.mrvikthor.com for BDSM.