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Intimate Encounters

An explorative evening for curious minds researching sensuality and intimacy with yourself and others.

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Intimate Encounters III

Intimate Encounters

Flow of Things
16:30 Doors open
17:00 Start ‘Opening Ritual’
19:00 Light walking dinner break
20:00 Start Liquid Loooove experience, latex workshop, bondage workshop and genital cloning workshop
22:00 Opening cuddlespace and Dirty Talk room.
01:00 End

N.B. on the day of the event it won’t be able to enter after 17:00 it, tickets won’t be refundable. Refundable ticket annulations are only eligible up to 7 days prior to the event.

Opening Ritual
Coen Aerts will open Intimate Encounters with a practical talk followed by a welcoming ritual. Think about greeting each other non-verbally, breathwork and setting intentions. In short, we will take time to get to know each other.

4 Workshops
After the opening ritual, you are invited to one of the workshops below. Prior to the event you will get an e-mail with more info about the workshop you can join. Check yout mail and spam box the day before the event.

Latex workshop (10 persons)
Klazien and Robert are proud to bring their latex collection to Intimate Encounters! They’ve hosted ‘vacbed ceremonies’ at all kinds of parties and offer 10 people this experience; being encased in rubber, nice and tight, brings bliss! During the ceremony, they will take you by the hand and let you discover a second skin. If you want, you can have others touch you the way you like!

Robert is a professional ‘latex cocoon’ masseur, and countless times has shown people how spiritual it can be to wear latex. Klazien and him are also known for giving all kinds of other kinky workshops (bondage, breathplay, playfighting, etc.) at festivals.

Bondage workshop (20 persons)
This wil be an introduction to American style bondage. Rope bondage is one of the most personal ways to spice up your love life, because it’s not a toy that you buy, but a skill that you learn and practice together. This workshop focuses on the kind of rope skills that are most suited to intimate moments: Safe, easy, and accessible, so you have your mind and hands free to keep on playing after the tying is done!

Xmarks-Amsterdam is an experienced teacher, who performs rope bondage in the American style, which is more pragmatic and playful – and less punitive – than the Japanese style.

Clone Your Genitals workshop (10 persons)
The Great Wall of Vaginas by british artist Jamie McCartney had only one flaw: it was technically hundreds of vulvas made out of plaster, not vaginas. But let’s not be picky and honor his name with this fun and body positive workshop. Come get a mold and casting of any body part you want, discover your true self and bring back a present for that special person in your heart ! (PS : Open to any genre, totally safe for the skin but trim or shave your hair first !)

Jean-Jacques Valette started offering this workshop at Burning Man festivals like Nowhere in Spain. He noticed shame and judgement are very prevalent when it comes to our genitals. This workshop might help people accepting themselves in a playful way, also between their legs.

Liquid Looove (LL) (20 persons)
Burning Man enthusiasts will know what this means. Imagine yourself laying blindfolded in a sea of oil and bodies, listening to heavenly tunes. As the music starts the gliding begins..

LL is a sensorial experience guided by Amihay where you are invited to move around and allow yourself to do this without intentions or sexual orientation. Relax into the real time, real space sensations without craving pleasant feelings or denouncing less pleasant ones. This is a meditative way of exploring the sensuality of flowing skin to skin contact by observation. Arousal may happen and the goal is not to respond, just let it be. Amihay and his ‘angels’ Coen, Anouk and Maria will be the ‘Angels’ that ‘hold the space’ to keep it as safe as possible.

N.B. we have only 20 spots available, 10 male, 10 female. We will make a selection to provide an optimal balance of ‘LL virgins’ and more experienced participants. Buying a ticket for Intimate Encounters does not guarantee joining the LL.

Melanie Bonajo will host a “Get high on your own Hormones” cuddle jam in the Monsterroom between 22-23. Feel free to join or not and relax/enjoy while watching.