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Intimate Encounters

An explorative evening for curious minds researching sensuality and intimacy with yourself and others.

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Intimate Encounters

Intimate Encounters is an explorative evening for curious souls researching sensuality and intimacy with themselves and others. 


Intimate Encounters is born out of the desire for a place in Amsterdam where anyone can feel safer and freer to explore the diversity of sensuality surrounded by beautiful flowers, delightful aromas, arousing music, a marvellous decor and gorgeous souls. 


This event is part of Tenclub, a society where all members are focused and fascinated by what being Human is and pursue their curiosity together to co-create and discover their humanity.


Membership of Tenclub is not mandatory to join the event.


Flow of Things

15:00 Doors open
15:30 Start opening ceremony
18:30 Light dinner
20:00 Start workshops
22:00 Opening of the Curious Courtoom, the Dirty Talk Room, the Sensual Movement Space and the Wellness
23:00 Opening of the Contemplating Temple of Temptation
01:00 End


Opening Ritual

Coen and Kamran will open Intimate Encounters with a practical talk followed by a welcoming ritual. Visualise greeting each other non-verbally, doing breathwork and setting intentions. Then Kamran will share some Wheel of Consent games. In short, we will take the first step to feel and know each other more. 



After the opening ritual an enormous dining table will await decorated with sushi by the Vegan Assassins Crew. Feeding others and licking fingers is very welcome!


Workshops & Rituals

When the bellies are filled with love, all participants are invited to one of the workshops below. Prior to the event you will get an email with more info about the workshop you can join. Check your email and spam box the day before the event. Below you will find more info on the specific workshops and their facilitators. 


Two hours pass before the house is ready for exploration. All spaces on the ground floor and below will be activated and steaming!



Love your body like you love your phone. Put it in the charger and enjoy. The hammam and bathtub are waiting for you!


Sensual Movement Space

To let the body talk and forget about words can be a relief sometimes. Lining on the floor shows if you want to dance alone, together, intimate or friendly. Move according to your mood!


The Curious Courtroom

In this space Tenclub members will share and explore their sensual fascinations with you. People like you and me who dare to express themselves in front of an audience, sharing their authenticity. 


The Dirty Talk Room

This room is for those who get red ears from words and the sounds they make. Passionate poetry and seductive storytelling.


Contemplating Temple of Temptation

Here you can explore as you like if you respect the principles and guidelines. 



Love your body like you love your phone. Put it in the charger and enjoy. The hammam and bathtub are waiting for you!


Workshops & Rituals*3


Polarity Play – Attraction, passion and desire. By Amanda and Ava.

These are the magnetic forces at play when we ignite our inner and outer polarity. 

Inside the Polarity Playshop Ava and Amanda will guide you into a sensual experience where you connect with and feel your erotic nature come alive. Dive into the nature of your turn ons with  practices where you will embody the Masculine and Feminine, Dominant/Submissive forces that are at the very core of your erotic expression.


I think I like you… now what? – A workshop on how to make contact during a s3x+ event. By Karin Bleie.

Picture this: you find yourself at a sex positive party and you see a person you’d like to invite to mutual exploration. You want to make contact, but you don’t want to creep someone out.

In this workshop we will find the fine line between a wallflower and coming on too strong. We practise flirting with confidence, and we discuss how to make your intentions clear.

We will also discuss how to deal with rejection, and how to say ‘no thank you’ in a charming yet indisputable way, and also how to recognise a ‘no thank you’.

You will find your own style of communication, as we all are different. Words, looks, body language, it’s all part of the language we can learn to speak.


Self Pleasure Ritual- How is self pleasure different from masturbation? By Luzi.

Masturbation is often goal-focused (a quick release through orgasm) and centred around genital touch only. In this ritual we invite you to dive deep into your pleasure and to luxuriate in the delights of your body. Supported by breath, sound, movement and mindful touch you will get the opportunity to connect to your erotic energy with your whole being. To play your body like the precious instrument it is – and find new songs beyond “the same old tune” of your usual masturbation habits – to expand your pleasure capacity and orgasmic potential. In this ritual there is no goal – you are invited to feel, play, enjoy and celebrate your body and your sex. Sharing this practice in community is a beautiful opportunity to share erotic energy and connect deeply with yourself and others. 


The Five Senses Ritual – Crawl into your senses and let them be nourished, cherished and seduced. By DemBambiSeiMudder.

Are you ready to receive? Are you ready to give?. This will be an exploration into our sensory experience! Surrender into receiving pleasure. Enjoy giving pleasure. Be surprised by the gifts of your fellow people. Touch, smell, taste, listen… and you may or may not see. There will be a chance to clearly state expectations, wishes and boundaries. Your experience can be anywhere from soft and sensual to rough and kinky. While it is not a sexual workshop, we welcome nudity and sexy vibes (but they are not required). In this ritual we aim to come into our bodies and into presence. You will work in groups of three, so you can bring two friends, but you will also be partnered up with other beings if you come alone.



Amanda Biccum is an Embodiment and Intimacy Mentor who guides men and women into deeper connection with their bodies and their pleasure. She currently lives in Amsterdam where she facilitates in person experiences as well as hosts a variety of courses including Deeper Intimacy for Couples and the Pleasure Academy for Women

Ava Tamar – Intimacy coach & Tantric Bodyworker – believes in raw honesty & real intimacy. She is here to empower humans to step into their power and rise! Authenticity & vulnerability are 2 key words she loves to work with. She invites you deeper into yourself, with the help of different tools from the field of (Sacred) S3xuality & Tantra.

Luzi is devoted to the remembrance of our body’s natural wisdom. She inspires inner union, authentic and innocent erotic expression, and deep reverence for the earth we live on. Her work is held in a safe and playful space with unapologetic self-acceptance, freedom & empowerment at its core. She offers a down-to-earth approach to recovering and celebrating one’s true erotic nature.

Karin Bleie (Ms Fetish Eagle 2021/2022, Ms Leather Netherlands 2020) has been a sex educator for over a decade. Karin specialises in Kink and Fetish, and hosts workshops for medical doctors and enthusiasts alike. Drawing from a life of loving debauchery, her workshops are as amusing as they are educational. Karin teaches kink techniques, communication techniques and how to find your own path on this road of adventure.

DBSM – DemBambiSeiMudder, many also know him as Oz, will guide you through this multi-sensory experience. He is a DJ, light artist and crazy. Not only is he the creative mind and space creator behind Dancen und Schmusen!, he has also (co-)facilitated various other S + events. He has worked intensively on the topics of anti-sexist awareness and trauma awareness in order to make places as safe and inclusive as possible. Recently, he graduated from Sensual Arts School and has participated in Consent Academy’s ‘Consent and Leadership’ series.


*changes reserved and more info will appear in the event-page discussion board.


Principles we value:


Our priority is to create a safer space for everyone, including people without any experience visiting an intimate event like this. Below is a list of principles and rules that we’d like participants to respect that we value as organisers. If you can’t find yourself in these, this might not be an event for you.

In addition, welcome folks from all walks of life. We are doing our best to be LGBTQ+ informed (Our team identifies as such), $lut-friendly, trauma-informed, and non-monogamy informed. White folks are overrepresented in our team and we are aware of that. We invite you to make everyone feel at home and to bring a divine awareness of your unconscious bias.

  • Consent: take your time in escalating sensuality; ask/check for consent at every step.
  • Radical inclusion: try to make everyone feel included, and if you feel no attraction for the person, inquire with curiosity why there is none and try to focus on connection.
  • Gifting; make an effort to share your love without expecting anything back.
  • Radical self-reliance: be aware of yourself, what you need and step into your power as a responsible, proactive person. Try to take ownership of your own emotions.
  • Authenticity: feel welcome to show and share your being as it is. All of you is welcome in this space and your authenticity is s3xy.
  • Communal effort and participation: This space is a human laboratory which invites you to participate, share and care for one another and your surroundings. We value curious souls who want to explore rather than consume.
  • Leave no trace; please make an effort to keep the space clean as you found it upon arrival. This makes the clean-up at the end of the event go much quicker.
  • Immediacy: we invite you to be present at the moment. Three pillars of pleasure: breath, sound and movement will be our guidelines throughout the whole journey. Share your feelings and urges as they arise in a respectful way. Ask an Affinity Angel for support if needed.
  • Be attentive: if difficult moments arise, let the Affinity Angels help you to move through your emotions.



  • Respect a ‘No’! No is a complete answer. You don’t need to ask why!
  • Tapping twice means ‘No’!
  • Confidentiality: No phones, no pictures. All the information that you receive in the event is confidential. Including identities of the participants.
  • No alcohol/ No drugs
  • Make an effort to keep the place clean.
  • Act if you see something that doesn’t seem right; open up a dialogue and/or ask an Affinity Angel for support.
  • If you are looking for easy s3x this event is not for you.
  • Be careful with the house. The event takes place in a precious space with furniture and materials that are fragile. Please keep this in mind during your explorations.


Affinity Angels

If something happens during the event that you’d like to share with someone, we invite you to find one of the Affinity Angels. They will make time for you, listen and might be able to help. During the opening ritual the Angels will show themselves and they will wear a LED heart necklace. ‘The Tomb’ will serve as a safe space if you need a place to be alone.



There is an application form to be filled around intentions, motivation and gender identification. By reviewing answers we try to create more safety; when in doubt a video call might be requested.  After this process you will receive an email with the link to buy your ticket. It is one ticket per person. 


We want to include everyone, whatever your gender or identification is. That means there’s space for everyone, without one group getting overrepresented. Therefore there are tickets for people who identify themselves as male, female and other.


(We realise that there are many gender identities outside the binary norms. For practical reasons, we have summarised them as a category ‘other’ on the ticket sales pages. We apologise to anyone who does not feel represented by this category.)


Please only buy a ticket that represents your gender – and not any other ticket. Sold out = sold out. If you buy a ticket for a gender you don’t identify as, we hold the right to send you home without a refund.


Creating a safer space to explore intimacy and sensuality is a continuous effort and a serious task for all participants and facilitators. We are aware of power dynamics such as patriarchy, racism and power imbalances between facilitators and participants. We would love to minimise these while celebrating the humanity of facilitators too. We allow consensual sensual activities between facilitators and participants to some extent. We would like to be transparent about this topic upfront and we welcome any questions or concerns, please reach out to us. 


Ticket prices

  • Early bird ticket: €111,-. 
  • Late bird ticket: €169,-;
  • Benefactor support ticket €222,- or more. 
  • Empty pocket solidarity ticket: €77- (more info in the questionnaire)
  • Tenclub member ticket: €111,-


N.B.!! This ticket will give you entry to two events: Intimate Encounters and Intimate Integration (12th november same location 13:00-17:00). R.s.v.p. for the latter please, you’ll receive a mail about this.


We promise to do our best to play with all the senses, which means healthy vega(n) food, aromas, music, wellness and ambience. Our beloved venue Tenclub is a marvellous, enticing venue and we are delighted to host you. It’s in a gorgeous 18th century building with jaw-dropping interiors and luxury furniture which will amplify the eros you will experience. We are confident it will be a night you won’t forget for some time. 


We have invited amazing international workshop facilitators to spice up the space for us and level up your erotic personal growth. 


The event is not aimed at making a profit, all income will be spent on the costs, organising labour and/or future events. We realise facilitators, artists and organisers most of the time don’t get paid fairly for their invested time. We want to make an effort to compensate them. We like transparency and if you want more details on this, please get in touch. 


Drinks & Food

We would like to support our planet and everybody’s health, therefore we have invited local vegan chefs that cook with love.


This Vegan Assassins crew will make vegan sushi for dinner. It will be finger-licking good. Make yourself ready for some juicy surprises too.


During the event, there will be homemade chai and handmade gluten-lactose free cookies made by Chai-Baba. In addition there will be a variety of teas and water infused with lime and mint. Keep yourself hydrated! Fruity delights will be found in strategic locations to feed each other with grace.


Please let us know if you have specific allergies in advance.


Dress code

Wear something that you feel comfortable moving in. It’s nice to have options, so bring layers in case you get warm or cold. Something that makes you feel fabulous as well as safe and cosy in exciting moments. We recommend bringing an extra towel or sarong. After the dinner participants will move from one building to another. It’s just 30 metres but make sure to bring something you can cover yourself with without having to change your whole dress.