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Intimate Encounters

An explorative evening for curious minds researching sensuality and intimacy with yourself and others.

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Intimate Encounter IV

Intimate Encounters

Intimate Encounters traditionally opens with a practical talk by Coen Aerts, followed by a welcoming ritual. Think about greeting each other non-verbally, breathwork, and setting intentions. In short, we will take time to get to know each other. Thereafter words will flow fluently exchanging experiences during a light dinner.

Subsequently the workshops, inspired by fascinations of Tenclub members, will start. When buying a ticket, you can add preferences for the workshops of your first, second and third choice. Keep in mind that we cannot promise your wish to be fulfilled and we’ll try our best nevertheless. Prior to the event you will get an e-mail with more info about the workshop you can join. Check your mail and spam box the day before.


*changes reserved and more info will appear in the event-page discussion board.

Movement Exploration: Intimacy – A holistic approach into dance, bodywork and partnering by Liet de Haas.
In this introductory workshop the theme of Intimacy will be explored using movement and dance.
The language of movement becomes the realm to experience. Bodywork, Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement lay out the foundation for you to research your connection with intimacy. One of the most important angles from which I teach is recognizing the difference between moving with the body and moving from within the body.

Tantric Bondage – As Above, So Below by Mr.Vikthor
This workshop is an introduction to the Intimate Sessions series of Iamsexuality that will follow in spring. It is a reunion of tantra and hands-on shibari bondage skills. How to be mindful while still acting on desires that arise while being in control our subordinate.

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Glowing G-spot Workshop for Couples – An encounter with the shape, texture and sensitivity of the female G-spot by Hylke Vervaeke.
This hands-on workshop is for couples of which at least one person has a vagina and will explore this part of the body internally. The goal is to create more body-awareness and reach deeper levels of satisfaction with your partner.

After one or two hours of hands-on learning it’s time to explore the mansion, yourself and maybe others. The spa is open to invite more relaxation, the ecstatic dance floor awaits your moves, the cuddle space will spark your cozyness; the dirty talk room will penetrate your deepest desires – ear satisfaction only..

Flow of Things

16:30 Doors open
17:00 Doors close; start ‘Opening Ritual’
19:00 Light walking dinner
20:00 Start workshops
22:00 Opening spa, cuddle space and Dirty Talk room.
01:00 End