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Extra Virgin Oil Jam

Extra Virgin Oil Jam

At Burning Man events all over the world, ‘Liquid Love’ has become a phenomenon. This is a sensorial experience where an even group of males and females are invited to experience skin to skin, body to body contact. After a series of exercises to communicate barriers, participants swim through a sea of Extra Virgin olive oil while blindfolded and (partially) naked, allowing themselves to do so without intentions or sexual orientation. Relaxing into the real time, real space sensations without craving pleasant feelings or denouncing less pleasant ones as a goal, Liquid Love is a meditative way of exploring the sensuality of flowing skin to skin contact by observation. Arousal may happen and the goal is not to respond, just to let it be.

Although IAMSEXUALITY works with facilitators who joined and hosted Liquid Love sessions on Burns, we call it a ‘Extra Virgin Oil Jam’. Not because you have to be a virgin, it is due to the extra virgin olive oil used in the session and ‘copyrights’ of the name Liquid Love.


At the entrance you will be asked to sign a disclaimer stating you are not under the influence of alcohol/drugs or under treatment for physical or mental health issues. After a circle is formed with all the participants, the host will share practicalities and extend an invitation to hear how everybody is feeling The group is then guided downstairs to start a series of safety exercises needed for the oil journey.
When 1,5 hours of oil play are over, participants are welcomed into the spa to get washed by an Angel if they please. Just before drowning in the cuddle puddle in the Monster Room.

After the session you can enjoy delicious Chai and vegan delights from the Wonderbars tea bar.


— The Extra Virgin Oil Jam will take place at the Nes 116 in Amsterdam from 19:00-00:30.
— There is place for two seperate groups of 26 participants. Per group we apply a 50/50 male/female ratio.
— The first group arrives between 19:00-19:30, the second group between 20:30-21:00.
— Arrive showered, clean and try to avoid strong deodorant, aftershave or perfumes.
— File your nails to prevent unpleasant touch.
— Bring a hairband or swimming cap to prevent long hair from getting greasy.
— Bring a towel and perhaps a bathrobe/kimono/slippers for the relaxation after the jam.
— If you feel sick don’t join, we don’t want to spread unwelcome germs.
— Be aware that there will always be a risk that microbes of any kind can be spread in the oil. Common sense: don’t join if you are unsure about your health condition.


19:00 Arrival group I
19:30 Opening circle group I
20:15 ‘Tuning in’ workshop group I
21:00 Extra Virgin Oil Jam group I
22:00 Spa & cuddle puddle

20:30 Arrival group II
21:00 Opening circle group II
21:45 ‘Tuning in’ workshop group II
22:30 Extra Virgin Oil Jam group II
23:30 Spa & cuddle puddle


There are two types of tickets:
Tenclub member ticket €36,-
Regular ticket €66,-

History of Liquid Love

In 2010, the Touch&Play Project started with the aim of offering an alternative to the practice of contact improvisation. By welcoming practices that are often excluded from impro dance, such as emotions and sexuality, a whole new field of possibilities blossomed.. Liquid Love is among them.

Touch&Play developed the concept of focusing on ‘edges of contact’ in a safe manner. Nowadays, researchers, teachers, facilitators, and practitioners all over the world affiliate with the Touch&Play ‘Tribe’ while encouraged to spread the conscious explorations in an authentic and playful way.

Our own effort (and this text) is greatly inspired by the work of Liquid Love Zwitserland, an initiative that organises a session almost every month!