sexTALKS – Talking Sex

sexTALKS - Talking Sex

The first edition of sexTALKS inquired ‘talking sex’. As this is what sexTALKS is about. This edition features “Craving Committee” by Iris Lam. Iris is a alumni of the KABK, graduated with distinction for her award winning movie on sexual needs. Currently she’s working on sex education for teenagers. For more info visit: “Radical […]

sexTALKS – Alternative Relationships

sexTALKS - Alternative Relationships

The second edition of sexTALKS inquired ‘alternative relationships’. That is, relationships that are non-monogamous and different from the romantic ideal modern society creates for us. This edition features “A relationship with the Self – Celibacy and cultivating universal love through harnessing our primal energy” by PadaPandurangaDasi (Ra). Ra is a spiritual aspirant on the Path […]

sexTALKS – Why Should We Watch Porn

sexTALKS - Watching Porn

Porn. ike it or not, we are all watching it. As society evolves and a plethora of videos become available online, it is important for us to think about what it means today.hy are we watching it? What are we learning? We addressed the messy questions around why exploring sex on the internet matters with […]

sexTALKS – Me My Sex and I

sexTALKS - Me My Sex and I

In Western culture, it is deeply rooted notion that genitals are often associated with shame. We hide them in public and when it comes to body practices and massages, the genitals are the excluded body parts. But how does this influence the relationship we have with our own genitals and the way we see and […]

sexTALKS – Anal Sex

sexTALKS - Anal Sex

This sexTALKS will cover a subjectt that Freud once coined ‘the centre of self-awareness’ in his psychoanalytic sexual drive theory. Yes, we are indeed going to talk about the anus, the rectum, the anal. and all the wonderful things we can do with it in and outside our bedrooms. Our butthole is a fascinating thing; […]

sexTALKS online – Lockdown Love

Sextalks Lockdown Love banner

How does Corona influence your love life? Are you in need of touch? As we are entering the third month of Corona, the need for intimacy is felt more and more. Especially when you are single. Things might get complicated. Needy. Find answers and discuss together at our online event SexTALKS – Lockdown Love. A […]

sexTALKS online – Tantric Threesome

sexTALKS - Tantric Threesome

The world is slowing down as people stay home. A perfect opportunity to do the same; stop doining too much, stop rushing and start appreciating just being. This might create the right setting to reflect on yourself, on your feelings, on your needs. It could expand your mind and bring more freedom; welcome to the […]

sexTALKS – Non-monogamy

SexTALKS Non-monogamy

Whenever you are not in an exclusive relationship with one person, you are fishing in a sea of non-monogamy or you are not fishing at all. Hence a lot of people who see themselves as strictly monogamous are in fact less ‘mono’ as they might think.  This edition of sexTALKS will dive into the ocean […]

sexTALKS – Exceptional Sex Work

SexTALKS - Exceptional Sex Work

While our politicians are debating whether prostitution should exist or not, at sexTALKS we like to skip that discussion and shine a light on forms of sex work you have never heard of. Three speakers will talk about the types of sex work that are not so common, widely known or accepted. Due to the […]