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Intimate Integration

An evening for those who attended Intimate Encounters and feel the desire to share.

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Intimate Integration

Exploring intimacy is possible in an environment where people feel safer and freer to be. This could imply being vulnerable, opening up to the unknown, discovering sides of yourself as well as others you did not know nor expect. Intimate Encounters proposes to offer such a playground for self-realisation.

When being, playing, exploring in the moment, time becomes irrelevant. Time takes flight and in the blink of an eye, the ten hours are over and the connections made, seem to disperse; cliffhangers remain in the air, memorable moments on the tip of your mind. It could feel like a sudden disconnection. A rupture of tenderness and awe.

Intimate Integration provides the opportunity to reconnect with other participants of Intimate Encounters again in a different setting. It is a sharing circle with several short breaks, snacks, and a bar (including alcoholic beverages this time).

This gathering is free of charge and only for those who have a ticket for Intimate Encounters


Please RSVP via mail, instructions will follow after buying your tickets for Intimate Encounters.