Our sexuality seems one of the most powerful forms of expression known to (wo)men. It gives us energy, relaxation, joy, temptation, seduction, sensuality, encounters, ecstasy and so much more. The sexual unison even forms the fundament of our existence and survival.

This makes sexuality a theme that lies close to our hearts; closely related to the being within us. It is wonderful, real, exciting, nice, intimate and vulnerable. Not something we share easily and openly with anyone, but something that stays a sensitive topic and is often rarely talked about.

Still we see and hear sexual display all around us. Society is filled with sexuality and usually it is used to obtain goals that have little to do with the theme itself. Dis does not serve us to explore our sexual experience and knowledge.

With the IAMSEXUALITY platform, TENCLUB proposes to unveil this taboo-afflicted theme giving space to the intelligence, sensitivity and openness it deserves. Anyone with the desire to learn more about their sexuality is welcome at our lectures/discussions, gatherings and workshops.

TENCLUB is the manifestation of magical places for extraordinary minds driven by curiosity, wonderment, fascination, questioning, and not to taking anything for granted.

A society where all members are focused and fascinated by what being human is, and pursue their curiosity together to co-create and discover their humanity. A humanistic society focused on getting to know more of ourselves, and others, together.

TENCLUB’s philosophy at its core wonders what will happen when people gather in beautiful spaces with a curious attitude and open perspective. While it is not per-se easy to be truly curious, TENCLUB seeks to inspire and facilitate the expressions of curiosity within us all.

TENCLUB proposes environments where curiosity leads to self realization, this mission is supported on 4 interrelated pillars:

Members that propose and co-create programs – Secret spaces where members gather called the ‘Theaters of Life’ – ‘Clusters of Fascination’ wherein member collectives enact programs – ‘Tables of Ten’ where any subject can be collectively investigated by a group of 10 members.